Why have a Service or Habitation check

Why have a Service or Habitation check?

We all know that a car needs to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis, but its easy to forget to fully service your home from home each year, a space that you play, eat and sleep in for days at a time, for us your safety on your trips is key.

Why service a caravan?


A caravan is easier to maintain on a day to day basis that your tow vehicle, you may only think you need to worry about fixing bulbs, replacing gas and checking the tyres from time time, but you there is more to consider to keep you safe at night in your van.


What needs to be done during a service?


Inside …. an inspection should include the operation of the smoke alarm & carbon monoxide alarm.

All appliances should be checked for safety, including heating elements, 12volt and 240volt system, water pump operation/pressure and plumbing (and gas connections/regulator) for age and leaks.

Door, window and hatch operation should be checked and parts lubricated where necessary.


And finally to give you full peace of mind the interior should be checked for damp, from front to back, top to bottom, and any areas of concern highlighted.


Outside… the wheel bearings, tyre tread and brakes are key things that should be inspected on a regular basis.

Bearings can lose tension, lubricating grease can dry out and the bearings themselves can deteriorate. A service should include cleaning, inspecting, re-greasing, and refitting and adjusting the bearings.

Brakes, whether drum, disc, electric or hydraulic disc brake should be checked for wear or damage, if applicable adjusted and all wiring checked, with the brake cable being checked.

Trailer wiring, the hitch & plug and other key safety features such as tyres wear and tear (and age), should also be checked.

Wheel nuts should be replaced, given the right tension and this then demonstrated to you too as a key safety feature


A motorhome and camper would receive simple safety checks on the external of the vehicle, a service / habitation check excluding the engine or mechanical aspects.


Always make sure you get a copy of the report, and if things need to be changed, ensure that the engineer shows you what and why for full transparency.

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